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Would you be interested in seeing the clubhouse available for party rentals on Sundays? 25 Votes 4 Posts Nov 17, 2009
How often do you use the boat ramp and/or the dock at the clubhouse? 4 Votes 0 Posts Aug 17, 2009
Would you be interested in attending an adult-oriented party at the clubhouse? 9 Votes 1 Posts Nov 29, 2008
How often do you reserve the clubhouse? 19 Votes 0 Posts Nov 16, 2007
How often do you use the MCBC swimming pool? 31 Votes 1 Posts Apr 20, 2007
How long have you been living in the Cove? (Current Poll) 30 Votes 2 Posts Mar 17, 2006
Which project would you most like to see completed in 2006? 10 Votes 1 Posts Dec 28, 2005