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Minutes from November 24, 2008 Meeting Minutes from November 24, 2008 Meeting

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Minutes from November 24, 2008 Meeting

Posted by: Garret Pick on Tue, Feb 10, 2009

recorded by Secretary Lundell


Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 7pm 

On-Site, Club House

Present:  President Jo Ann Kocher, VP Garret Pick, Secretary Kristi Lundell, Treasurer Chris Worrall, Directors Walter Johnson, Rudy Salazar, Jeni Brians, Laurie McCrary
Excused:  Monique Todebush

Guest:  Lane Woodall

Approval of the minutes:  Walter Johnson moved to approve the minutes from April and September 2008, seconded by Garret Pick, and unanimously agreed to by the Board. 

Owners Forum:

Lane Woodall commented that MCBC has become high usage and low maintenance.  Hedges need to be regularly trimmed.  She has written a letter and made verbal suggestions to Joe (for example that the rubber trees should be 8-10 feet tall for safety reasons) but nothing has been done in response.  She suggested hiring a P/T manager and sourcing out pool and landscape maintenance. 

Joe’s Report:
See attached, given by Garret Pick
Executive Session:
  1. Garret Pick made a motion to approve full management by Hawaiian Properties, seconded by Rudy Salazar.  The Board voted “no” unanimously.
  2. Chris Worrall made a motion to discuss the payment assessment resolution and the letter to accompany it, seconded by Kristi Lundell.  The Board voted unanimously to the following terms and to use JoAnn’s letter, instead of the standard letter provided by Hawaiian Properties. When payment is 30 days late, FOB will be deactivated, no rentals of clubhouse will be allowed (existing reservations, if any, will be cancelled), and reminder letter will be sent by Hawaiian Properties.  Late fees will accrue. The boat storage agreement will have to be re-written to include that storage of boat(s) will not be allowed if dues are more than 30 days late.  When payment is 60 days late, a final demand letter will be sent by Hawaiian Properties.  When payment is 90 days late, the account will be turned over to the attorney for collection, including possible liens and foreclosure proceedings.
Old Business:
  1. Joe’s workman compensation/TDI has been paid by Hawaiian Properties.
  2. Walt has volunteered to work with Joe to examine the boat dock and determine how it should best be fixed.
New Business:
  1. Board voted to keep Joe’s salary the same with $500 Holiday Bonus.
  2. A Job Description for Joe’s position will be written by Jo Ann Kocher.
  3. Laurie McCrary to walk property with JoAnn Kocher to make recommendations on landscaping maintenance.
  4. JoAnn Kocher and Chris Worrall to meet with Joe regarding receipts for party deposits and a system for double checking. 
  5. Checks must be used for deposits for the rental of the clubhouse effective January 1, 2009.  The checks will be returned to the owner if there is no damage or violation of the rules.
  6. Board voted to have a Christmas party.  Monique Todebush to organize.  A budget of $300 was approved.
Financial Report:
  1. We are 36% ahead on collections to date.
  2. $8,700 credit issued due to audit.
  3. Boat storage fees are not being collected.  Joe is working on list so we can collect appropriate fees.
  4. Electrical bill increased 8% at the end of October.
  5. Water & sewer fees decreased.
  6. Able Pest Control is a new monthly expense.
  7. Management fees are expected to increase in 2009.
  8. Landscape maintenance line is dormant.
  9. Insurance package (fire/special safety umbrella policy) tripled 2009
  10. Budget needs to be corrected.  Revised budget will be sent out for approval via e-mail.
  11.  Overall we are ahead of budget by $10,000.
  12.  Motion made to approve the financial August-October financial statements by Walt Johnson, seconded by Rudy Salazar, and unanimously agreed to by the Board.

Next Meeting: To be determined.


Adjournment:  There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned by 

Jo Ann at 9:02pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Kristi Lundell
MCBCA BOD Secretary 



SUBJECT: MANAGER REPORT November 24, 2008.

1. Received two quotes for removal of the thin palm trees between the small pool

 And large pool.  Quotes came in above $1,000 for cutting and removal.  Decided

 To do job in house.  Cut and removed all nine trees to Kailua green waste.  Three

 Trailer  trips were made.  Removed stumps and prepared area for concrete.  Thirty

 Five bags of 80# concrete were used.  Used my concrete mixer for the job. 

 Juveniles carved their initials into one of the wet concrete slabs which I  

 Repaired.  Will be making minor repairs to deck and repainting it in the near


2. New vinyl fence installed on pool lawn fronting marina and on concrete pool deck

 In front of solar panels.  The fence on the marina side in great.  The fence on the

 Pool deck is in progress.  The fence was installed using anchor bolts into the

 Concrete deck.  Workers and Peter were not pleased with the installation.  They

 Tried several options, the problem is the concrete desk is old and crumbling not

 Able to hold the anchor bolts.  We need to removed the hedge and hedge roots

 To install the vinyl fence posts in the ground. 


3. Continue trimming of the rubber trees on the marina side of the pool.  Do not

 Want to trim them all down at once, leaving area bare for months.  Instead

 Selective trimming is on going.  People like the shade the present height gives

 In the afternoon.


4. Mataele  rock wall contractor can not fine concrete tile blocks to match

 The wall around the boat yard, unable to give a bid for repair job.  Plan to make

 In house patch.

5.  Rock wall and boat area along the marina needs repair.  Per marina association

 It is our responsibility to maintain the wall.  Received a call 11-23-08 from a

 Boat owner who tried to tie up at our dock and the tie broke.


6. Per new federal regulations we need to install a Safety Vacuum Release System

 On each of our pool pumps by December 19.  Talked with All Pool Supply and

 Made an appointment for an estimate.  The approximate cost is $2,200 for both

 Pools (equipment only).  All Pool has  a waiting list of thirty customers for

 Installation.  They will be out to survey our site about December 01.


7. Moved the bike rack from outside pool gate to inside, as directed to avoid persons

 Using rack to climb out outer fence.

Submitted:  Joe Barros.
   Discussion: Minutes from November 24, 2008 Meeting

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