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Minutes from May 12 BOD Meeting Minutes from May 12 BOD Meeting

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Minutes from May 12 BOD Meeting

Posted by: Garret Pick on Mon, Aug 11, 2008

recorded by Secretary Lundell

Monday, May 12, 2008 @ 7pm
On-Site, Club House
Present: President Jo Ann Kocher, VP Garret Pick, Secretary Kristi Lundell, Treasurer Chris Worrall, Directors Walter Johnson, Laurie McCrary, Rudy Salazar
Excused: Monique Todebush, Jeni Brians
Guest: Chuck & Ellen Johnston
Meeting called to order: 7:09pm by Jo Ann Kocher
Approval of the minutes: Garret Pick’s name was incorrectly spelled in the minutes. Chris Worrall moved to approve the minutes from the February 11, 2008 meeting with that change noted, seconded by Garret Pick.
Joe’s Report:
  1. Need to re-grout pool. Several tiles are missing. 
  2. A lot of good comments received regarding solar heating.
  3. Rodent issue: Joe has set traps and has caught four in two weeks. Joe has never seen any in the pool, which would indicate a rodent problem. Tree trimmers suggest that putting bands on coconut trees is ineffective. Joe will continue to set traps and monitor. 
  4. Boat yard: one trailer was stolen three months ago. Trailer was recovered and thief was arrested.  Same boat trailer was stolen again recently, this time with a jet ski. It has not yet been recovered. Owner purchased a stronger lock for the boat yard.
  5. Keys: when Joe started there were two sets of keys for area. He keeps one set in lock box and periodically changes the code that can be used for emergency entrance if he’s not available. Chris Worrall has the second set. 
  6. We may need to get a new lock for the pool entrance gate. 
  7. Bike rack will be moved inside to prevent kids from climbing on it to get in to the pool without a key.
  8. Sign painting: Joe will get the paint to match our club house
  9. Joe not purchasing electric trimmer. He will buy a gas trimmer for top layer.
  10. Joe will take pictures of property and make an inventory of all items.
  11. Joe will be working on an instructional manual for his job. 
  12. There has been a steady stream of parties every weekend. No problems or complaints to report with the higher max limit of 75. 
  13. Recent party with 18 youths in pool area. Joe gave resident a warning that an adult (18 years or older) must accompany youth in the future. 
  14. Joe has been able to fit three more boats in to boat yard. Joe has interested parties send e-mail request. Three on waiting list now. 
  15. Joe is doing only essential watering now due to high water bill, thus some grassy area might be yellow. 
  16. Joe to follow up with Peter Melnyk on fencing to protect solar panels. He will give him a one-month deadline to complete job. 
  17. Joe to look into fencing border on marina side for safety reasons. A short, 3-foot fencing was suggested. 
  18. New dust pan and clock purchased and installed. 
  19. A new metal plate needs to be welded to the bottom of the dumpster. Joe to measure and give dimensions to welder who built our gate. 
Ellen Johnston: wall behind bus stop, signs, are our jurisdiction. Her suggestion is that we keep a can of paint handy for painting and we paint them beige and brown in a color we can get easily. Pointed out that tiles are missing on the roof of the pool house. Brand: Monier Duralite. 
Old Business:
1. Walt’s report on boat storage: there will be more boat trailer storage back towards the farms by the end of the year. 
  1. Walt will be working with Dr. Dobbs regarding the ducks in the pool, possibly sterilizing them or trapping them and taking them to the Humane Society. 
  2. Chris Worrall investigated other facility rules regarding boat storage. Boat owners must earn their storage spot by using their boat each month. BOD will continue to monitor boat storage area. 
New Business:
1. Garage sale Saturday May 17. Monique Todebush to run ad in paper and Jo Ann to send out e-mail to NSW list to alert residents. 
2. Financial review by Chris Worrall. Financials look positive, no areas of concern. Since there were no objections, the January-March 2008 financial statements were accepted, subject to year-end audit. 
3. Jo Ann will e-mail newsletter to everyone for changes/additions. This must be sent to Lori Jessee by May 30, 2008.
4. Joe: please e-mail lock box codes to Jo Ann Kocher, Garret Pick, Chris Worrall and Kristi Lundell as it changes.
5. Jo Ann to check with Joe on contingency plans for when Joe is on vacation.
6. Extended summer pool hours start soon: Memorial Day-Labor Day, 7am-8pm.
Next meeting: August 11, 2008
Future meeting:
November 10, 2008
Adjournment: There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned by Rudy Salazar, seconded by Garret Pick at 8:29pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Kristi Lundell
MCBCA BOD Secretary
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