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Minutes from February 9, 2009 Meeting Minutes from February 9, 2009 Meeting

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Minutes from February 9, 2009 Meeting

Posted by: Garret Pick on Tue, May 26, 2009

recorded by secretary Lundell

Monday, February 9, 2009 @ 7pm
On-Site, Club House
Present: President Jo Ann Kocher, VP Garret Pick, Secretary Kristi Lundell, Treasurer Chris Worrall, Walt Johnson, Laurie McCrary, Rudy Salazar

Excused: Jeni Brians, Monique Todebush
Guests: Joe Barros, John and Heather McDermott
Meeting called to order:  7:12pm by Garett Pick
Approval of the minutes: Laurie McCrary moved to approve the minutes from November 24, 2008 meeting. Seconded by Garett Pick and unanimously agreed upon by Board members present. 
Joe’s Report
1. Vinyl fence mounted on pool deck in front of solar panels was knocked down by wind in November. Contacted Hawaii Vinyl Fence and arranged repair. I dug new 24 inch pole holes in the deck and Peter’s men installed new poles and stringers. I filled the vinyl poles with concrete for strength. Fence is completed and looks great.
2. The knocked down fence poles and stringers were retained and will used to install a short fence in the area of the barbeque lawn and rubber tree slope. We will need to purchase flat panels inserts between the poles. 
3. During checks of the Solar panels in December one small leak was detected. Contacted Poncho’s Solar they changed the damaged panel with a new panel. Another leak was discovered in a second panel in January 09 and again Poncho’s changed out the damaged panel with a new one. The panels have a ten year warranty.
4. Met with Walt and will be repairing the boat dock tie down. Also will be repairing the concrete damage in the bus stop along Lunalilo Home Road and the wall damage along Hawaii Kai Drive west of Lunalilo Home Road. Will begin repainting all of the walls. Several areas along Lunalilo were tagged in the last two months.
5. Three thefts from the boat yard were reported by the owners. The included theft of an 8 hp motor from one. Gages and misc items from cockpit of another. The top portion of riggings from a third. Only the stolen rigging was covered with insurance total amount insured $10,000.
6. Have a call in to trim the coconut trees (5) with Niko’s. When he comes I will get a quote to remove one coconut tree above solar panels and to trim rubber trees area of marina.
7. All Pool completed install of the two pool Safety Vacuum Release Regulators.
8. Big pool pump died so Joe bought a new one. 
9. No problems reported to me with the parties. 
Owners Forum:
Guests John and Heather McDermott wanted to get acquainted with Board and neighbors. No issues or problems. 

Financial Report:
  1. Addition to our account of about $8,000 at the end of 2008 (interest credited to old account but not transferred).
  2. Chris reviewed reserve analysis. Of ten items, eight do not need to be done in the near future. A motion was made by Walt Johnson for Chris Worrall to ask Managing Agent to get the name of three bookkeepers to get their opinion on this and how much it would cost to adjust the reserve analysis. Seconded by Rudy Salazar and unanimously agreed upon by Board members present. 
  3. Motion made to approve the financial reports for November-December 2008 by Walt Johnson seconded by Laurie McCrary and unanimously agreed upon by Board members present. 
Old Business:
  1. Sea Wall is sound per Walt Johnson. Walt suggested adding flag stone to landing if we have extra money. Walt Johnson will get a few bids on this
  2. Per Walt, two places need patching on wall that goes around near bus stop. Joe will do temporary patch. 
New Business:
  1. Job description for Club Manager written by Jo Ann Kocher. Jo Ann will check with Managing Agent on giving $100 per month to Joe for expense reimbursement to include mileage, cell phone, car insurance that he is currently not reimbursed for. Vacation policy/sick leave for Club Manager to be determined. Jo Ann to get names for back-ups should Joe go on vacation or get sick. Motion to table the description until more information could be obtained made by Rudy Salazar, seconded by Walt Johnson and unanimously agreed upon by Board members present. 
  2. Laurie McCrary went over the landscape report. Jo Ann to check with Ellen on drainage system under coarse blue rocks in front of club house. Laurie will check in with Joe every now and again to make sure that all is being done. Laurie will check into umbrella costs. Kristi Lundell moved to approve $500 for Laurie to beautify the front of the club house seconded by Chris Worrall and unanimously agreed upon by Board members present. 
  3. 2009 Board of Directors: Garret Pick would like to stay on Board and is open to giving up VP position. Currently there are openings on Board. 
  4. Upcoming events: Garage sale will be on Saturday, May 2, 2009. Jo Ann to send e-mail out to alert residents. Rudy Salazar moved to have just one party each year at Christmas. Seconded by Kristi Lundell and unanimously agreed upon by Board members present. 
Executive Session:
  1. The board voted to have Hawaiian Properties remove an old account from our list of delinquencies. Attempts over several years to collect the money owed have failed and incurred over $3,000 in legal fees.  Since there do not appear to be any more viable ways of collecting this money, it would not be cost effective to pursue it further.
  2. Motion to write off $10 late fees was made by Rudy Salazar, seconded by Laurie McCrary and unanimously agreed upon by Board members present. 
  3. A motion to assess $10 fee every six months was made by Rudy Salazar and seconded by Laurie McCrary and unanimously agreed upon by Board members present. 
  4. Rudy Salazar suggested picking up food for the Annual Meeting. Kristi Lundell moved to approve $50 budget for Rudy, seconded by Garret Pick and unanimously agreed upon by Board members present. 
Next Meeting:
March 19, 2009 (annual meeting) Joe please put up signs the week prior
May 18, 2009 (quarterly meeting)
Adjournment:  There being no further business to discuss Rudy Salazar made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:45pm, seconded by Laurie McCrary and unanimously agreed upon by Board members present. 
Respectfully Submitted,
Kristi Lundell
MCBCA BOD Secretary
   Discussion: Minutes from February 9, 2009 Meeting
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