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Minutes from February 22, 2010 meeting Minutes from February 22, 2010 meeting

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Minutes from February 22, 2010 meeting

Posted by: Garret Pick on Mon, May 17, 2010

recorded by Secretary Lundell



Monday, February 22, 2010 @ 7pm

On-site, club house


Present:  President Jo Ann Kocher, VP Garret Pick, Treasurer Chris Worrall, Secretary Kristi Lundell, and Directors Jeni Brians, Herb Wheatman, Ron McClair, Walt Johnson


Excused Absence:  Laurie McCrary


Guests:  John Brewer (Hawaiian Properties), and homeowners Bob Fagerson, Andrea Gauthier, David Morris, Kitchie Tanaka, Sally Flynn, Ron Livingston


Meeting called to order:  7:05pm by Jo Ann Kocher


Approval of the minutes from November 16, 2009 meeting:  Motion by Walt Johnson to approve, seconded by Herb Wheatman and unanimously agreed to by all present. 


Manager’s Report:  See attached


Review/approval of financials 11/2009 through 1/2010:

Chris Worrall reviewed current reserve analysis which he found to be acceptable. 

Motion to approve the financials made by Walt Johnson, seconded by Jeni Brians and unanimously agreed to by all present. 


Owner’s Forum:

Bob Fagerson, Andrea Gauthier and David Morris spoke out against having parties on Sundays.  Bob Fagerson also spoke about the larger parties and high noise levels. David Morris suggested hiring a party “monitor” to police parties/noise levels.  John Brewer responded that unless there is a change the amendment the Board can change the “house rules” which this matter would fall under.  He stated that the Board has an obligation to represent the majority.  Bob Fagerson noted an improvement in the noise level of the parties recently but doesn’t want it to slide back to what it was years ago. Ron Livingston spoke positively about Joe’s diligence in making sure parties start/end on time.


Old Business:

 1.  Sunday parties:  poll on website did not support Sunday parties. 

Board voted unanimously not to allow Sunday parties.

  1. Landscaping is tabled until next meeting (French drain) due to the absence of Laurie McCrary.
  2. Boat Storage:  all applications are signed.
  3. Jo Ann Kocher wrote a form for owners authorizing tenants to get a FOB, effective today.  Chris Worrall made a motion to adopt this form effective today, seconded by Kristi Lundell and approved by the majority present. 
  4. Charging for parties:  Herb Wheatman suggests that charging for parties will make party goers more serious about renting and help the association build reserves.  Herb Wheatman will prepare bullet points on this issue for the next meeting. 
  5. Signs for parking lots:  Herb Wheatman discussed potential wording for signs regarding parking for boaters: 

Private Property.  For use only by Mariners Cove Residents.

Kristi Lundell made a motion to approve the wording as above for the reflective signs and to have Joe Barros order them and install, seconded by Chris Worrall and unanimously approved by all present. 


New Business:

  1. Jo Ann Kocher made signs to remind party goers to be mindful of the neighbors.  She will have Joe Barros put them up. 
  2. Insurance Agent contacted John Brewer to see if he could bid for our business next year.  John suggested that he contact us in the summer. 
  3. 2010-2011 Board:  Jo Ann Kocher and Jeni Brians terms will be ending this year. C hris Worrall will continue as a Director.  Noah Parker has agreed to be part of the Board. 
  4. Board Annual Meeting Resolution

This resolution prevents the need to reschedule an annual Meeting, with the attendant costs involved to the Association, in the event that a quorum of the Board Of Directors (BOD) is not present, yet there is sufficient proxies given to the BOD to otherwise constitute a quorum for the Annual Meeting.

“Be it resolved that members of the Board of Directors that are present at the Annual Meeting may vote the proxies given to the Board of Directors (Board majority and Board equal), EVEN if a quorum of the Board is not present at that Annual Meeting”.  Motion made by Herb Wheatman to accept the resolution, seconded by Garret Pick, and unanimously approved by all present. 

  1. John Brewer spoke about the importance of having an independent reserve analysis as one has not been done in the recent past.  John Brewer presented three estimates for Full Reserve Study.  Ron McClair made a motion to have the independent reserve analysis done, seconded by Jeni Brians, and approved by the majority present.  Ron McClair made a motion to select Association Reserve’s Economy ($1,950) package, seconded by Chris Worrall and unanimously agreed to by all present. 
  2. Jo Ann conducted the ratification of e-mail vote of the approval of the 2010 budget and 2010 reserve analysis. 


Next meeting:

Monday, May 17, 2010



There being no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Kristi Lundell, seconded by Chris Worrall and unanimously agreed to by all present at 9:35pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kristi Lundell

MCBCA BOD Secretary

   Discussion: Minutes from February 22, 2010 meeting

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