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Minutes from August 13, 2007 BOD Meeting Minutes from August 13, 2007 BOD Meeting

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Minutes from August 13, 2007 BOD Meeting

Posted by: Garret Pick on Thu, Nov 15, 2007

recorded by Jeni Brians

 MONDAY, AUGUST 13, 2007 @ 7:00 PM
PRESENT: Chris Worrall, Walt Johnson, Jo Ann Kocher, Peter Melnyk and Jeni Brians
BY INVITATION: Joe Barros—MCBC Manager
GUESTS: Mary Matsuda—homeowner
I. CALL TO ORDER: 7:14 PM—Chris Worrall
II.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES: There were no changes of last meeting minutes from May 14, 2007. Minutes approved, all in favor.
III.FINANCIAL REPORT: Peter reported that there has been an increased cost in pool maintenance and an added cost of $1,000 for mailing out the ballots regarding the solar heating of the pool. Chris asked for a reserve analysis. Peter stated that the club has $187,388.00 in actual cash reserves. Peter also stated that our money in our money market account is earning interest of $600.00—$700.00 a month. Our budget to date is less than anticipated. There was also dialog over tax credits, in regards to whether or not we were eligible. Peter said we are not, because we are considered non-profit. Overall, Peter reported that MCBC board looks financially sound. 
1. Joe reported that he put a new system in place for cleaning the pool as members have complained of cloudy water. He resolved the cloudy water problem, however pool maintenance costs were higher over the summer due to heavy usage. He anticipates this cost going down as summer comes to close. Joe stated that as the fall approaches he won't need to use as many chemicals or use the “quick-fill” method of filling up the pool from the sewer meter which increased our water costs. Joe also reported we had a unannounced state inspection of the small and large pool. Part of the state inspection included the bathrooms and showers.  The total cost to us for this inspections were $1,000.00. The fee was $500.00 for both the small and large pool. We passed the inspection with flying colors. : “Total cost to us is $200 for two pool permits which will be good for the next five years.” 
2. Update on bathroom partitions. Joe found and suggested a partition with minimum hardware exposed so to minimize rusting like the current partitions. Joe will move forward to find out pricing. The toilet seats in both the men and women's restrooms need to be replaced as they are old and falling apart. He found commercial grade toilet seats for $20.00 each. The board agreed to Joe moving forward in purchasing and installing these new toilets. 
3. There have been quite a few parties this week and over the summer and there appears to be no problem with the 8:00PM closing time over the summer. There was one loud party that became a little loud and out of control. Joe asked them to be quiet and they honored his request. Joe noted that some people are canceling their parties at the club because of the 50 people max. requirement. 
4. There have also been several requests for a new microwave as the previous one barely works. Joe will get a price quote at replacing the new one and get back to the board. 
5. Joe will continue to proceed at getting the trees trimmed all except for the rubber trees which don't need it at this time. Joe is letting the grass grow up to the side walks so we can eliminate the small rocks. The rocks are often picked up by small children and end up in the pool or on the lawn which becomes a problem. All agreed. 
6. Solar update- The previous estimate didn't include fence removal and trimming of the hedges so a different company came out to give a bid. Poncho's was the name of the company and they said we don't need to move the fence or trim the hedges. Their bid matched the previous bid. Action Point: Chris will check with Don from Hawaiian properties to make sure we have final approval from the ballots taken by the board and then we'll sign the proposal from Poncho's and give it to Joe to move forward with installation. 
7. Joe also reported of a repair he made on the small pool selector valve. He was able to repair it but he's not sure how long it will hold. If he needs to repair it the cost of replacement will be about 165.00-200.00 dollars. He'll keep us informed. 
8. Peter informed the board of another possible future cost for the club. There is a new building code called IBC 2003 which calls for the replacement of Jalousie windows in order to keep hurricane insurance. The club house has these kind of windows so he'll keep us informed. 
9. Chris reported about our contract with Hawaiian Prosperities, Ltd. It is exactly the same as our previous contract with Metropolitan. Chris asked Peter what our monthly fee is. Peter reported that it is 995.00 per month and it is a flat rate that covers administration. It does not cover special request made by us. (JOE LEFT THE MEETING)
1. Chris noted as he drove around the neighborhood there seems to be several boat trailers on the streets. Is there any thing we can do to clean this up? Peter said we as a board have no jurisdiction over the homes in the cove and how they are kept. Our jurisdiction is only in regards to the club and it's common property.
2. Walt would like to have it officially considered at the next board meeting the removal of boat fees. Please add to the agenda at the Nov. 11, 2007 board meeting. Peter said to make sure we discuss that at the beginning when Joe is present so he can make a report to us. 
3. The board discussed the delinquency status of homeowners and their association dues. Peter is keeping his eye on it. Presently there seems to be a high amount of unpaid association dues, but that is because the bills were sent out in July and he expects most of these to be paid in August and September. He will report at our Nov. 11, 2007 board meeting the status of these delinquent dues. At that time we will also discuss how we want to proceed as a board at attaining these dues. The threshold to demand payment is 30 days. 
4. Jo Ann asked the question of doing a newsletter for the members. Peter stated it would cost us funds to mail these out and we already have a website for members to attain the needed information. Chris thought it would be good to get a report from Garrett at out Nov. 11, 2007 meeting who oversees the website and how this to hear from him how it
VI.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING: November 11, 2007 @7:00 PM
VII.  ADJOURNMENT: 8:30PM by Chris 
   Discussion: Minutes from August 13, 2007 BOD Meeting
James Baginski (anon) · 10 years, 3 months ago
I have still not received a response to my inquiry about considering the either the sale of the clubhouse and other common property or that the clubhouse/pool become a membership option and be funded only by those who choose to be members. If we can vote on a pool heating system, why can't we vote on a more significant item like this? I request the opportunity to review voting infomation on this issue prior to it going out so it can be presented in an unbious manner. Thanks for your consideration.

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