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Minutes from August 11, 2008 Meeting Minutes from August 11, 2008 Meeting

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Minutes from August 11, 2008 Meeting

Posted by: Garret Pick on Tue, Nov 25, 2008

recorded by Secretary Lundell

Monday, August 11, 2008 @ 7pm 
On-Site, Club House
Present: President Jo Ann Kocher, VP Garret Pick, Secretary Kristi Lundell, Treasurer Chris Worrall, Directors Walter Johnson, Rudy Salazar, Jeni Brians
Excused: Monique Todebush, Laurie McCrary
Guest: Joe Barros, Resident Gayle Wong
Owners Forum:
Gayle Wong commented on dog droppings along Lunalilo Home Road  in front of Bay Club. Walter Johnson responded with the fact that the BOD is responsible only for the Bay Club and pool area. Gayle also commented on unkept houses and yards and Jo Ann suggested that Gayle call the City Residential Code Enforcement Branch at 768-8280 to report it. Gayle commented positively on how well the Bay Club is maintained, and on the newly painted signs. 
Approval of the minutes:  Walter Johnson moved to approve the minutes from the May 12, 2008 meeting, seconded by Chris Worrall, and unanimously agreed to by the Board.  
Joe’s Report:
See attached
Additional: people are dumping rubbish in or near our garbage bins. The bins needs fixing but Joe wants to wait until we find out whether or not our bin will be switched to ten smaller containers.
Old Business:
  1.  Fencing of area around solar panels (6 feet high, 46 feet wide). Quote for materials is $1,1 92 Joe to install. Walt Johnson made a motion to approve, seconded by Rudy Salazar.
  2. Fencing of area between trees and pool deck, at edge of the lawn (3 feet high). Quote for materials is $1,071. Walt Johnson made a motion to approve, seconded by Rudy Salazar. 
  3. Board approved extra funds to enclose the one open area near BBQ area. 
Financial Review:
Financial review by Chris Worrall. We are 36% ahead on collections to date. We picked up minor income on late fees and interest. It appears that boat storage fees are not being collected. Joe is working on list so we can collect fees appropriately. We are spending less than what was budgeted on all utilities. Note new monthly expense with Able Pest Control. Jo Ann to look into Workman’s Comp and TDI. Overall we are ahead of budget by $10,000. Motion made to approve the last four months of financials by Walt Johnson, seconded by Rudy Salazar, and unanimously agreed to by the Board.
New Business:
  1. Motion made to approve $200 to purchase two Weber grills by Walt Johnson, seconded by Jeni Brians and unanimously agreed to by the Board. Add to rules: Use of grill at own risk. BBQ must be done in BBQ area only. Residents can bring own grill. Bring your own charcoal. Cover grill with coals inside when finished. 
  2. Parties must be recorded on web site from here forward. 
  3. If Joe receives calls from the residents complaining about party noise, he needs to have a standard protocol. Suggested:
    1. Thank you for your call, I’ll go down and check on the noise level.
    2. Joe goes and checks. If noise level is reasonable, he can call resident and remind them of party closing time.
    3. If noise level is unreasonable, Joe can talk to the resident at the party.
  4. Wireless router suggested for the MCBC area. $100 to buy the router. Motion made by Walt Johnson to purchase the router and keep in encrypted, seconded by Chris Worrall. Garret Pick to work with Joe on it. 
  5. Residents must have their own FOBs, and plans are to discontinue use of lock box. This will be announced in the next newsletter.
  6. There are six accounts over 120 days. Jo Ann to re-write “final demand letter” which is sent after account is over 120 days. Jo Ann will write up a “resolution” for delinquent accounts. 
  7.  Chris Worrall to follow up with Sue Savio to review quotes on insurance as well as obtain quote from other companies. 
  8. Hawaiian Properties is proposing full management for about $600 more per month. Jo Ann to set up meeting in September (optional attendance for Board members) with Victoria to learn more details. 
Next Meeting: November 10, 2008
Adjournment: There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned by 
Jo Ann at 9:06pm. 
Respectfully Submitted,
Kristi Lundell
MCBCA BOD Secretary
   Discussion: Minutes from August 11, 2008 Meeting

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