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Problems with concrete slab Problems with concrete slab

   Discussion: Problems with concrete slab
Annie and Tony Gino (anon) · 7 years, 10 months ago
hi.  Just wondering if any other residents have experienced this problem: Our tiled kitchen floor is buckeling.  It is not a water leak, the meter is not running.  Our neigbor, who is a plumber, was kind enough to come over to take a look, he suspected it was a gas bubble and said to drill holes in the grout.  We did.  It is an air bubble that may have formed over the years (since the house was built about 44 years ago).  We do not know what caused the bubble for sure, but our neighbor suggested it might be from the termite treatment that was applied when the house was built.  I would just like to know if anyone really knows what caused this.  Thank you.

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