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Summary of 1/23/2012 meeting re tree project in Mariner's Cove Summary of 1/23/2012 meeting re tree project in Mariner's Cove

   Discussion: Summary of 1/23/2012 meeting re tree project in Mariner's Cove
Jo Ann Kocher · 10 years, 6 months ago


January 23, 2012

The following information was received from Elizabeth Reilly:

On January 23, 2012, a meeting was held in the Mariner’s Cove Bay Club to inform residents about a planned project to remove and plant trees on the medium strips between the street and sidewalks in certain areas of the Cove. Thirty-five people attended. Most were Cove residents. Two members of the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board (HKNB), Renee Garvin and Herb Schreiner, also attended, in addition to Elizabeth Reilly who chaired the meeting. Bob Loy of the Outdoor Circle addressed the group, describing the project as well planned and much needed.

There were six (6) representatives from the City and County Division of Urban Forestry who gave the presentation. They had display boards which showed the types of trees that would be planted, as well as the locations where trees would be removed and planted. There was a specific board that covered Mariner’s Cove and it was requested that the map be transmitted electronically so that it can be placed on the Cove website. If that is not possible, a hard copy has been requested that can be posted in the clubhouse for residents to view. If this happens, residents will be notified via the Mariner’s Cove alert system. It is important that you look at this map. You may request trees be planted in front of your residence, if they are not already on the schedule. If your tree is scheduled for removal and you do not want it removed there is little to nothing you can do as all trees marked for removal are solely because the tree is sick and is dying or the tree root system is creating sidewalk damage.

The project is scheduled for two phases:

Phase One – along Lunalilo Home Road

Phase Two – in Mariner’s Cove

The project is not expected to be completed until later in the year. The removal of the trees will coincide with a planned road improvement job, which is gearing up to start. The planting of the new trees, which will be from three to ten feet tall, will not take place immediately after the removal of old trees. While the City and County will do its best to replace trees in areas where they have been removed, certain factors may prevent this.

There will be a second meeting, probably in March. Cove residents, who did not attend the January 23 meeting, will have another opportunity to hear the presentation which will focus on Lunalilo Home Road, with secondary emphasis on the Cove. It will be announced via the Mariner’s Cove alert system. The emphasis at the January 23 meeting was on the Cove.


frank hogan (anon) · 10 years, 6 months ago
Can you tell us on which streets in the Cove (better yet, which blocks) trees will be removed? Niumalu? Kamilo? Kalanipuu?
Jo Ann Kocher · 10 years, 6 months ago
That was on the map that the C&C had at the meeting last night. People who attended the meeting had a chance to see if trees would be removed or planted in front of their homes. As stated in the summary above, we are trying to get a copy of the map so that it can either be displayed on the website or posted at the clubhouse. Your other option is to attend the meeting that will be held for residents on Lunalilo Home Road. The emphasis of that meeting will be for Lunalilo Home Road but Cove residents can also attend and review the maps.
Steve Takaki (anon) Back · 10 years, 6 months ago

When and if a tree is planted at your address, what is the responsibility of the homeowner? For example, if the tree uplifts the sidewalk, who is responsible for repairing the sidewalk? Are there other responsibilities/liabilities of the homeowner?

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